Speech, Music and Mind 2020

Detecting and Influencing Mental States with Audio
A satellite workshop of Interspeech 2020


We hope that workshop participants will be able to travel to Nanjing. We are also making efforts to enable remote attendance. Further details will be announced by Sep 2020.

SMM 20


This workshop will focus on detecting and influencing mental states, with an emphasis on multi-modal approaches with diverse applications across culture, languages and music
Those attending the workshop, please make sure you read and understand ISCA Code of Conduct. The word "conference" applies to the SMM20 workshop too. The text from https://www.isca-speech.org/iscaweb/index.php/about-isca?id=278 has been reproduced below for ready reference.
ISCA is committed to providing a pleasant conference experience without harassment and discrimination for anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability and physical appearance. We do not tolerate any verbal or non-verbal expressions of harassment or discrimination. Please note that it matters if a person feels harassed or discriminated regardless of the original intent of the expressions. In particular, sexual language and imagery are not appropriate in any conference venue. Conference participants who engage in inappropriate behavior may be expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizer. These persons may be included in a watchlist for future ISCA-sponsored events.
If you are troubled by the behavior of another attendee at the conference, or notice someone is in trouble, please speak immediately to a member of conference staff or send a message to: the ISCA ethics committee
Your concern will be heard in confidence and taken seriously to solve the problem.
28 JUL
Submission Deadline
03 AUG
Submission Revision*
21 AUG
Acceptance/Reject Notification
25 SEP
Author Registration and Camera Ready Papers
16 OCT
Registration deadline
23 OCT
Workshop Date
AT LEAST ONE AUTHOR OF EACH PAPER THAT IS ACCEPTED MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THE WORKSHOP, and must attend the conference in person or remotely for their paper to be published.